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108-2 Notice of English I Lab Listening Examination

  • 2020/05/25
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  • 刊登人員:林 倖伃

Notice of English I Lab Listening Examination


Test Date and Time: During English I lab class hours, June 8th (Monday) to June 13th (Saturday), 2020. All students who take English I Course are required to take the test.


Grade: 10% of the English I Lab semester grade.


Question Types:

The listening examination is recorded in an audio file, including the questions and answer choices. Students should indicate their answer on the answer sheet.

Part I: Dialogue Completion, 10 dialogues (20%)

Part II: Dialogue Questions, 10 dialogues (20%)

Part III: Listening Comprehension, 2 articles (30%)

Part IV: Dictation, 10 sentences (30%)


After the listening examination begins, admittance is not allowed.


Make-up examination application procedures:

  1. Students who do not attend the examination for an approved reason by the university (approved medical excuse, official trip or other emergency) should take a make-up examination within four days right after the listening examination.
  2. After the make-up examination begins, admittance is not allowed.
  3. The make-up examination score will be calculated using the formula:
  • Students (except students who apply for leave of official affairs beforehand) will have a score deduction of 20% if the score is above 60%. The formula is as follows: Make-up examination score = (Original make-up examination score-60) x 0.8 + 60
  • Students will not get a score deduction if the score is below 60%.


For more information, please contact Ms. Ellen Lin (02-26215656 ext. 2342, ellen@mail.tku.edu.tw).